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re: Xeon Games: New Info release....

The Xeon Games:

What and when is it?

The Xeon Games is a set of faction events that will be taking place during the first few weeks of May, it will span over many days. There will be several phases of the games leading up to the final phase of the game - the phase with the Grand Prize of 100 mil coins. Each individual phase will award winners rank 8 recast mats, millions of coins, and points that will help the participant in the later phases of the games. There can be multiple winners and prizes awarded for each phase. The recast mats that are used as rewards are not the ones that are banked during trials, but are mats donated by our faction's billionaire benefactor.

Who can enter the Xeon Games?

There will be some requirements in order to join the games. Things such as level, merit, and certain maps/instances that the players must unlock in game in order to participate in the Xeon Games. More info will be given soon, and members will have ample time (weeks) to meet these requirements. Most members probably have already met all the requirements.

What is expected of the events/phase?
Initially, all the events were designed to be pk events. However, to make it more appealing to those who don't like pk-ing, the games will feature non-pk events that will take into consideration of an individual's talents, their knowledge of pwi, and team work. During some events, teams will be pitted against other teams. However, those who don't wish to be part of the team may do so as an independent.

The Grand Prize? Did I hear it was 100 mil?

That is correct. The grand prize is 100 million, and will be awarded to the one person who will be the Xeon Games' Champion. There are about 50+ mil worth of prizes/mats/coins given during each phase of the games. All participants will be able to receive something for their time and effort in the games.

How Many Phases are there?

Currently there are at least 4 phases, more are still being designed for the games.

The Final Phase? Tell me more...
The final 2 phases are pk events, but not just regular pk events that most factions do. The events will be more controlled. There will be gear restrictions in order to test the players' skill abilities with their own class and not just about who has more OP gear. Rules will be implemented to make the pk events interesting. Team work is not against the rules for one thing, but remember - there can only be one true winner take all. There will be other threats (purposely imposed) to the participants survival besides just other members of the faction.

More info coming after 2x event!!
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