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About Xeon

What is the purpose of Xeon?

Xeon (pronounced zee-on) is a PWI faction on Sancturary server created for players with a desire to be part of a friendly in game community that farms Rank 8 recast mats together by completing the 9 Trial instances on a regular basis.  This guild caters mainly to players residing in US time zones inorder to reduce difficulties in scheduling raids.

What makes Xeon a unique guild compared to other guilds?

Faster Raid Organization:  The fact that members choose to be part of this guild with a sole purpose and dedication to farm Rank 8 recast mats, participation levels are higher than other major guilds.  This enable forming squads easier and quicker for each trial.

Farm mats 3 times faster: Members are allowed to have up to 4 characters in the faction in order to take an advantage of the individual quest rewards at the end of each trial.  This enables a member to farm more mats per trial, and has a higher chance of obtaining rare mats from the quest rewards for each trial completed compared to other guilds.

Multiple ways of Mat Distribution: Xeon also give members mulitple ways of obtaining rare mats that are dropped from bosses at the end of each trial.  There is no single way to do things that will satisfy everyone, because each individual comes from a different background, with different amount of time to play the game, is motivated in different ways, and many others.  That's why Xeon has several differnt mat distribution methods. This includes:

1) A special dkp system - this point award system factors in a members participation/contribution/merits enabling them to gain more points than normal to booast their motivation to do more trials.

2) Auction System - for certain mats that cannot be banked.  The coins from the bidder will be used by the faction banker to obtain Rank 8 mats from outside sources to help members obtain their Rank 8 recast gear faster.

3) Lottery Games - a fun activity that base on the participation levels of players to earn special lottery points (LP) that can be used to purchase multiple ticket guesses in a lottery game 2x per week to win rank 8 recast mats donated by the faction leader.

4) Direct Buy - if a rare mat is abundant in quantity, and if the majority of the members does not need that specific mat, a member who needs it can buy it with coins, instead of having to wait for enough dkp.



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