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Preparing for all Trial Runs

Your own preparation:

  • Check to see if all of your gear is repaired.
  • Check your charms (not necessary,  but good to have), hp/mp foods/ pots/def charms.
  • Bring a genie with Extreme poison, holy path, and AD.
  • Check your blessings.
  • Make sure all of your alts are nearby base for a quick rotation for them to pick up the trial quests
  • Make sure to have read the guide to the trial you will be doing.

 Squad preparation:

  • Make sure Squad is set to free before inviting, this is important for higher trials where each person must obtain items for their quests.
  • Try to have at least 1 cleric per squad.
  • All aps bms/barbs/seekers, try to be in a squad with a sin for bloodpaint.

Note: for certain trials, squad make up can go from being general well balanced to becoming a special squad used to tackle an obsticale.  Such as an all caster squad to deal with mobs that are physical immune in one section of the instance, or an all aps squad, or an all aoe class.  The trial host will inform you of this during squading.


Proper Trial runs Etiquette

What not to do:

  • Do not talk to the npc at the entrance of each trial instance and choose the quest "Start Trial"
  • Do not pick up mat drops at the end of the trial after the boss had died, unless you are the designated trial host or faction treasurer/banker.
  • Please do not agrue with each other, and follow directions given.
  • You can go afk for legit reasons such as attending to something irl for a long time, but just don't do it without letting the squad leader or someone in the faction know about it.  Dc-ing is an exception.

What you should always do:

  • Talk to the npc and pick up your gold trial quest that says "Reward of ...Name of the trial..."
  • Be respectful to each other, and always follow directions given by the trial host or squad leader.
  • If there is something you don't understand, please ask anyone in the faction.
  • If you had died and a cleric can not be avaiable to res, go to town (takes u back to bae entrance) you won't lose exp
  • Try to have fun and enjoy the trials :)