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This page contains information about the DKP and LP that you have earned from participating in the trials.  They are a type of Faction currency.  DKP (Dragon Kill Points) are used to purchace mats from the bank and can also be used as a currency for Auctions.  LP (luck Points) are used to purchace lottery numbers in a weekly lottery game to win mats from the bank. 


Buying Mats from the Bank:


How to purchase banked mats:

  • Check the avaiblility and DKP cost of the mats you need. (click on "bank icon")
  • Check to see if you have enough DKP points for the amount you are purchasing. (click on "piggy bank icon")
  • Submit a purchase form. (click on "basket icon")

Mats are sold on a first come first serve base (granted that the buyer has enough DKP for it)